The Secrets Out.. Lingerie Items That Every Woman Should Own

In dedication of our young, fabulous and sassy update this week, consulted the lady of all things sexy, Stacy Hill. Stacy is the owner of Secrets, Bermuda’s premier classy and sophisticated, yet oh so naughty lingerie store. This summer, we want to help the ladies get it right undercover, so here are Stacy’s top must-haves.

Sexy or Sensible? Every woman should own a little bit of both.

*Items and prices listed from Secrets, Washington Mall

Top 6 Lingerie Items every woman should have in her closet are:

nude-thong.jpg 1.Nude or Skin Tone Thong – It is completely wrong to wear white underpants under white trousers, because every line shows, which is not cute. It just draws everyone’s eye to that area. If you wear a panty that is close to your skin color the panty will blend in with your skin. ($16)

convertable.jpg2.Convertible T-Shirt Bra – This bra can give you 4 different looks, (regular, halter, criss-cross, one shoulder) for the price of one. Also, it is very smooth so it looks great under t-shirts and those fitted knitted tops. ($45)

3.Seamless Panties – Get rid of those panty lines forever. These panties have no seams on thseamless_panties1.jpgem, so panty lines are eliminated. ($24)

4.Babydoll – Every woman should have a cute and sexy babydoll in her closet. Put it on when you want to feel beautiful or when you want to turn your lover on. ($55)


5.Beautiful Bra Set – Don’t wait until a special occasion to put it on. Wear it anytime. Why buy it if you’re not going to wear it. It will give you a ‘pick-you-up’ just knowing you have something beautiful on under your clothes. ($58)

6.Bustier – Now-a-days they are made so beautifully that you can wear it as a top, with jeans or under a suit. Or wear it under a dress to give you a good lift and a flat tummy. ($75)

(Model shown: Tiffany Eatherly photographed by Alex Masters

Is it cold in the bedroom? Well, here’s what Stacy recommends to turn up the heat.

The Top Sexy Items to have fun with in the bedroom

1.Lovers games – Sure to bring the spice back in any relationship. You can find a variety of games that involve chocolate painting, Karma Sutra positions, dice that indicate moves, and more. ($35 – $65)

crotchless-panties.jpg2.Crotch-less panties – They look cute on with the butterfly logo in front, but of course have that little surprise that will please any lover. ($16)

3.Bondage Kits – Not for the timid, introduce your lover to seductive bedroom play with soft bondage wraps and blindfolds. ($35 – $55)games.jpg

4.Massage Oil – Bondage Kits a little too much for you? Get close with your partner with wonderful massage oils. Turn it up a little with edible oils. ($14)

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